APE Heavy duty cylinder studs Z1 Z KZ 900 1000 1100

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HD replacement studs - Heat treated chrome moly -

Fits Kawasaki Z1,Z 900 KZ900, Z1000 KZ1000, KZ1100 2-valve engines

10mm Cylinder Stud Instructions
1. Long threaded end must be installed in the crankcase.
2.Note stock stud length location before removing. There are several different stud lengths.
3.After removal of stock studs, thoroughly clean holes with solvent and blow out.
4. Using two wrenches, lock up two 10mm X 1.25 nuts on the short thread end of stud. Dip long end in oil and installed in noted location, bottoming out, then using a torque wrench, torque to 12-15 foot pounds maximum.
5. Install head and following manufacturers torque pattern, torque head nuts to 32-35 foot pounds
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